Black History Month

11 October 2019

For the whole of October Burton Agnes will be taking part in Black History Month.  Across the school children will be learning about a significant black person and how they have impacted on todays society.  The knowledge that they learn  will then be shared with the rest of the school through a special assembly.  Last week the children in class 4  learnt all about Nelson Mandela.  The children shared with the rest of the school their new knowledge and helped them to understand the difference he made to our world today.  Whilst talking with Class 4 during the week I was very impressed with how passionate they were about the work Nelson Mandela did, reflecting the inclusive school that we are.  I was particularly impressed that the children chose to sing a special song as part of their presentation and had all learnt British sign language for the chorus.  It really demonstrated compassion and understanding towards others.

This week the children in Class 4 learnt all about Martin Luther King and did a fabulous presentation to share their knowledge with the rest of the school.  They took us back in time to 1968 and told us all about Martin Luther King and the work that he did with Rosa Parks.  The children have also been thinking about what their 'dream' for the world would be.  We have also learnt about he determination of Mary Seacole from Class 2 and Class 1 have brought us right up to date on our history journey by sharing information about the athlete Mo Farah.

The work the children have carried out over Black History month has allowed them to appreciate that its not about how you look on the outside but what you are like on the inside that matters.