Absence from School

Absence from School

You are required under the Education Act (1996) to ensure your child attends school regularly.

If your child is absent from school please contact school as soon as possible. It is usual practice that we will contact you if you have not phoned by 9.15am. If your child has a planned medical or dental appointment that you are unable to make out of school time, we will require a copy of the appointment card to show where they have been.

Parents must also, by law, ensure that their child arrives at school on time. Our school gates open at 8.45am and the bell rings at 8.55am. As soon as the children are inside, learning begins. children arriving after this time will be marked as late.

Governors, in accordance with the East Riding Behaviour and Attendance partnership, ask that you do not take your child out of school in term time for a holiday. Details of this policy are below where it clearly states that holidays will not be authorised unless their is an exceptional circumstance. It also clearly states that where an absence is over ten sessions a penalty notice may be issued to each parent for each child out of school. The Headteacher will only authorise absence in line with the East Riding Behaviour and Attendance Partnership ‘Absence From School For Exceptional Circumstances Policy’. Headteachers will not authorise absences if they believe it is to the detriment of a child’s education.  Below is further information and a form for completion.

Children only get one chance at their education and every single day counts.

Absence from School documents