Short term home learning ideas

Technology is going to be key, in helping the children to continue their learning and thrive in the coming weeks. We don’t want them to be glued to electronic devices, as we know that this isn’t good for their mental health and wellbeing. However, there are a host of helpful websites, which will keep them engaged (both mentally and physically), as well as making sure that they don’t drive you round the bend!

  • Ask your children to complete the activities below on a little and often basis. It’s not expected that they keep traditional 9-3 school hours.
  • Don’t leave them to their own devices (literally). Make sure that they are accessing technology in a communal space where you can monitor what they are doing
  • Ask them to tell you what they are doing and join in where you can. A game against an adult is much more exciting than playing on your own. Especially if the adult gets a few wrong!
  • Let them do their own thing too – perhaps as a reward for so many minutes of school-based activities.
  • If you are using an American website, remember that Kindergarten is equivalent to our Year 1 (not Reception)


Every day online activities – daily maths activity will be accessed from here


KS1 phonics 

username march20 password home


SATS KS1 and KS2 and Year 1 Phonics


SATS past papers


CGP Books – 10 minute tests for maths and spelling, grammar and punctuation


Oxford owl – website with lots of educational games and reading books – you need to register and set up a log in.


Reading eggs- register for free trail and 2 weeks free reading resources.


Timestables Rockstars – you should have a log in


Mathletics – you should have a log in for this


Reading activities






                            For everyone’s brain (every day if possible) - lots of activities in all subjects   - you can search per key stage and for specific subjects and it provides a list of educational games. - activities for all year groups on reading, number and healthy living


Nasa kids club – all things space


Education quizzes- quizzes on all different subject suitable for all ages


BBC Bitesize


Tate Gallery – art games


Various learning resources



For  younger children (or older children who want to recap)












For everyone’s body and mind  - this one has links to curriculum - also contains mindfulness videos  Joe Wicks’ 5 minute workouts for children on YouTube    - This YouYube channel is made by class dojos (the reward system we use) and has many videos about mental health and mindfulness - Yoga activities - learn how to touch type - children should be active for 60 minutes per day. The Change4Life website has some great suggestions such as Simba’s Mighty Roar Jumps and Violet’s Incredible Dance. - there are some great blogs on here, as well as some free downloadable lesson plans for helping children to cope