The Governing Body

Whilst the Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, leadership and management of the school on a day to day basis, overall responsibility lies with the Governing Body. This includes assisting with the appointment of staff, having oversight of the curriculum and ensuring that the premises and finances of the school are efficiently and effectively used.

The Governing Body, as a whole, meets regularly throughout the year, in addition to the meetings of its various sub-committees. All Governors are also linked to aspects of our current School Development Plan, which they monitor through visits to school and discussion with staff. Members are either elected (parent governors) or appointed (community and foundation members) and each hold a given term of office.

Chair of Governors
Mrs Andrea Lister

Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs Sarah Burdass ( Foundation)

Co-opted Governors
Mrs Julie Warcup ( Child Protection governor)

Dr Christopher Shipley

Foundation Governors
Mrs Sarah Burdass (Pupil Premium Champion)


Local Authority Governor

Mrs Pam Lee

Parent Governors
Ms Liz Sellers

Mrs Monica Kundi

Staff Governors
Mrs Rebecca Lee
Mrs Helen Jameson



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Governor roles and responsibilites
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