In the Early Years Foundation Stage, pupils learn mathematical processes and number facts through a range of play based and investigative activities. They learn songs that help with counting and recognising numbers and use the environment around them to learn more about shape and space. They take part in activities that allow them to use their mathematical skills in real life such as setting up a market and selling things they have made to parents.

In KS 1 and KS 2, Mathematics is taught as a subject daily in all classes as well as being taught as a tool across the curriculum. Pupils at all levels are given the opportunity to develop new skills and processes, investigate number patterns and rules, solve problems and puzzles, explore shape, space and measures and learn key facts by heart.  Children are supported and encouraged to learn their times tables as part of the maths curriculum. We challenge the to practise them at home too.

At Burton Agnes we are moving to a Mastery approach with our teaching of maths and use the White Rose Scheme of work to deliver much of the learning.  We believe all children can achieve in maths and our lessons focus on developing children's conceptual understanding and their ability to explain and reason, making links where appropriate.