Writing skills are taught within our daily Literacy lessons. Pupils are also given a wide range of opportunities to write for real purposes across the curriculum.

A confident and skilled writer has the ability to write in a range of contexts such as letter writing, emails, reports, persuasive texts and fiction writing. Our topic based curriculum provides many opportunities for children to develop their writing skills in real and relevant contexts.

Pupils in the Foundation Stage develop early writing skills by engaging in a range of gross and fine motor play activities. When ready, they develop their early writing skills on paper by learning letter formations and writing familiar words and short sentences.

Children are taught grammar, punctuation and spelling through fun tasks. Once learnt we then expect to see this knowledge transferred in to the children's written work, both in literacy and other areas of the curriculum.

Handwriting sessions are incorporated into the English lessons.  Presentation is rewarded through the Pride and Presentation Award and the issuing of pen licenses.


Speaking and listening

Speaking and listening skills are essential to learning in all subject areas.  From the moment children enter Burton Agnes these skills are worked on and developed.  Across the school opportunities for speaking and listening are identified and planned for.