Collective Worship

As a Church school we see Collective worship as an integral part of the educational provision of the school and something that underpins all aspects of school life.

Pupils have both the need and a right to develop spiritually, morally and culturally as well as mentally, physically and socially. It is entitlement for all pupils (except for children of parents and carers who exercise the right of withdrawal). 

Collective worship in all Church schools must be in accordance with the tenets and practices of the Church of England. Burton Agnes has a planned programme for Collective Acts of Worship based around values, all of which are explored from a Christian viewpoint, and sometimes from the perspective of another faith.  Collective Acts of Worship can be whole-school, Key Stage or class based, and may be led by the head teacher, staff members or visitors including other members of the church community.

We are very proud to have a Worship Group made of up pupils from our school.  Our Worship Group pupils plan, organise and lead class worship themselves, so that staff can take a more reflective part in the worship themselves!