Loving the Library

4 February 2020

Reading at Burton Agnes has always been a very high priority for our children.  We aim for every child to be a reader and to have a love of reading , to enable them to access the curriculum and the world around them.   From starting the Burton Agnes journey in Tiddlers to finishing with us in Year 6, children are encouraged to read and enjoy a wide range of books.   Mrs Claxton has been encouraging children to read more by running library sessions twice a week.  She put an advert out for librarians and Isabella, Sophie and Jevan got the job.  Children in early years and KS1 visit the library on a Tuesday lunchtime and in Key stage 2 they visit on a Wednesday lunch time.  The librarians are doing an amazing job of promoting reading. 

Here’s what Sophie had to say about it…..

‘For a few weeks now  Isabella, Jevan and myself have been running library sessions.  We filled out application forms for Mrs Claxton and three of us got accepted.  On a Tuesday lunchtime we read some of the story sack books that art club made to the KS1 children.  On a Wednesday we open up the library to KS2 to read and swap books.  All three of us look forward to Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes and I hope the children do so too.’

The reading fever is infectious as Isabelle in Class 2 came to see me this week with an idea she wanted to share about a reading club.  Watch this space!

Don’t forget to keep hearing your children read at home too.  Every little bit extra makes all the difference.  Thank you for your support