Move Over Willy Wonka!

10 May 2019

Enterprising pupils from Burton Agnes School have been designing and marketing delicious chocolate treats to tickle our taste buds.

And in true Apprentice style, their finished products have been scrutinised by a team of industry experts before hitting the shelves

Staff from Tesco in Driffield visited Class 4 to cast their experienced eye over the tantalising selection of chocolate boxes designed by the pupils.

Although there were no actual chocolates in the boxes the judges were looking to see which products were  the most likely to fly off the shelves.

Children had to come up with their own array of sweets, using a list of suggested fillings. They created their own packing and marketing strategies and invented catchy names for their products and their companies.

Using a costing sheet, they also had to work out how much their chocolates would cost to make and how much profit they could earn.

Class teacher Jo Kemp said, “This was an enterprise project designed to develop teamwork, problem solving, creativity, maths skills, data handling and an interest in the world of work.”

The judges decided that Finn, Taylor and Jamie had the best product of all.