British Science Week 2018

23 April 2018

It’s been a very busy and exciting week at Burton Agnes .  The children have been fully immersed in all things scientific.  We have had visitors in school all week helping us to explore and appreciate different aspects of science. 

Mrs Lee Snr  has been in school working with the children to explore structures.  Making houses for fairy tale character and building bridges to support things, the children have developed a real appreciation of the skills involved in engineering. 

On Wednesday Mrs Stevens from Driffield school worked with the children to develop a parachute system that would stop an egg cracking when it fell to the ground.  The children learnt about forces and materials whilst having lots  of scientific fun.  Yesterday we were joined by staff from Bridlington Sports College who provided the children in KS2 with some exciting science activities linked to static electricity.

The last Day of Science Week has been an extra busy one as we have had our Open Day.  It has been lovely to see so many visitors getting stuck in with the wide variety of science activities happening in school.  Thank you all for taking the time to come in and being part of our Science Week.  A huge thankyou to all of the staff for their scientific efforts and an extra special thank you to Mrs Lee our Science co-ordinator who has worked hard to put this fantastic week together for the children.

 I  am really proud of the fact that science is a big part of our school curriculum throughout the year .Science week is just a special added extra.

Comments from the children include….

“all of the visitors have taught us that there are so many different things that make up science” Travis

“I enjoyed Boffin Caroline when she made the water in the cups disappear” Betsy J     


More photos are available in the gallery